Monday, September 3, 2012

Falling in step: Frank Biden and adjusting to the learning curve

Frank Biden is the president and director for business development at Mavericks in Education, an organization that develops alternative instructional programs for students with different learning needs.

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Each student has a different approach when it comes to learning. There are those who appreciate lectures, while others prefer reading textbooks—there are also some who learn through a combination of both. Degrees of perception vary in the sense that levels of understanding may differ across different types of people.

Historically, high schools and colleges are a place where qualification matters. Regular teaching methods are employed, and it is often up to the student to cope with this system. Admittedly, a good number of students manage to cope with the course work and the methods of instructions.

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Frank Biden and Mavericks in Education help students who cannot cope with the established system of learning. These are the students who often end up dropping out of school entirely. Mavericks in Education has taken the learning process up a notch by replacing some rather inflexible methods with new processes that maximize the understanding of students with other learning needs.

The process of learning, in effect, becomes a partnership between Mavericks in Education’s charter schools and the students in attendance. The research-based curriculum is flexible enough for leverage in learning, but this also entails great responsibility from the students’ end. Adjustments are made along the way as to method.

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With an expanded instruction method, students in charter schools have a better chance of obtaining their high school diplomas, and even perhaps move forward into advanced degrees.

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