Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frank Biden: The educator's belief as a motivating factor

Frank Biden, and his peers at Mavericks in Education, maintains that the belief that educators have for their students is a valuable factor that motivates both themselves and their students to make the most out their opportunity to teach and learn.

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The teacher-student relationship is, perhaps, one of the most important connections that a person will ever have in life as it may shape the way he or she perceives the whole world. It is a relationship that thrives when both parties, especially the educator, firmly believe in the role of education to the development of a person in modern times. There are times when the student may come to doubt this but the teacher must never be the one who gives up.

Frank Biden, in his years of work with Mavericks in Education, has witnessed how there are times when educators have come to fail their students. In their insistence to uphold the rigid demands of the traditional learning system, they have come to judge some of their failing students as the ‘unteachables.’

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Are there students that actually deserve that label? The people at Mavericks in Education think otherwise and they insist that teachers should avoid falling into the pitfall of disbelief. Instead, they advise educators to firmly hold onto their belief in the abilities of their students and tirelessly work to find a way to inspire the youth under their care to take charge of their own development.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Frank Biden: Helping young people realize their true potential

Frank Biden, the founder and president of Cygnus International, LLC, is also involved in a number of philanthropic organizations. One of these is Mavericks in Education, a specialized educational institution that aids at-risk students and dropouts in completing their high school education through alternative programs.

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Institutions on alternative education support the education system. Without a doubt, traditional learning has worked to prepare many students for the future, and there are teachers and students who have found something that they can work on with such a setup. However, this is also not to say that the system has not failed several others.

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Together with his colleagues at Mavericks in Education, Frank Biden believes that these young people who have been failed by the traditional system should be given another opportunity to study instead of being forced to adapt to a system that they can’t work with.

Life in school can be difficult, and when there is added pressure like financial problems or high expectations from relatives and peers, students may be forced to quit entirely. Otherwise, one can expect lackluster effort from half-hearted students who are expending most of their energies to fit in with the system – and that is not exactly helping them realize their true potential.

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At this stage in a young person’s life, it is more important to give them the encouragement and the freedom they need to figure out their strengths and to improve on their weaknesses in order to prepare them better for college and for the rest of their lives.

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