Friday, October 28, 2011

Frank Biden: Motivating students to stay in school

Frank Biden, brother of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, is the President and Director of Business Development for Mavericks in Education, an educational institution that caters to the special needs of students who are at risk of, or have already dropped out of high school. The institution is dedicated to designing, developing, and delivering out-of-the-box, innovative educational solutions to entice students to stay in school. This approach is the school’s answer to the traditional approach to learning, which can be restrictive and challenging for many students. With the institution’s unique approach, students not only acquire the skills required to earn their diploma, they are also given the support they need in order to succeed in the future.

Frank Biden admits that the State of Florida’s low graduation rates are unacceptable, which is why he works with Mavericks in Education in coming up with effective ways to motivate students to stay in school and earn their diploma. For him, dropping out of school should never be an option, because he knows that by doing significant tweaks on the existing traditional public and private educational systems, there are ways to keep students in school. Mavericks in Education offers flexible class schedules, as well as a research-based, self-paced curriculum that allows students to learn and progress on their own pace, on hours that are convenient for them.

More information about Frank Biden and his involvement with Mavericks in Education may be found on his Facebook page.