Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Frank Biden's Mavericks in Education: Offering computer-based, teacher-supported curriculum

Frank Biden is popularly known as the brother of US Vice President Joe Biden. Like his famous brother, he is strongly inclined towards public service and has been making a name for himself in the education sector as the President president and Director director for Business Development of Mavericks in Education.

Frank Biden Photo Credit: www.onlineuniversities-weblog.com

Mavericks in Education is an educational institution that caters to the needs of students who are challenged by the traditional approach to learning and are at risk of dropping out of high school. Mavericks Schools offer these students the option to learn at their own pace through its strong research-based curriculum. The institution does provides not only provide the coursework necessary for its students to earn a state-recognized diploma, but also with the guidance they need to stay motivated and stay in school.

Frank Biden Photo Credit: blog.journalistics.com

Frank Biden’s Mavericks in Education also boasts of a computer-based program that allows students to utilize the latest technology while studying. This online, computer-based program allows students to be flexible with their studying hours and use individual computers installed with the latest software. Teachers have access to real- time online reporting that provides them with a comprehensive view on each student’s activities and progress. All student data is protected with the highest levels of security, with each user provided with a unique password.

Frank Biden Photo Credit: www.hostgator.co.in

More information about Frank Biden and his involvement with Mavericks in Education may be found at this Facebook page.