Monday, February 25, 2013

On homework: How to make sure kids do them

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Homework -- many adults must have hated them as children, but it is actually good for kids. Homework is given for many reasons, primarily as a means of extending a child’s learning space beyond the walls of the classroom. It also enhances a child’s time management and study skills. The US Department of Education’s official blog shares some tips on how to encourage your kids to do their homework:

Set up a good study place
Ideally, this place must be quiet and void of any distraction. You must keep television, toys, or the computer away, unless they are needed for the assignment. Ensure that the place is well lit.

Set a good example
Your child tends to imitate what you do. As your child is focusing on the homework, do something similar like reading a novel while your child completes her reading assignment.

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Teach time management
Be sure to schedule a “homework time” and teach your child to become more responsible about deadlines.

Teach independence
Do not spoon-feed your child with answers. Let your child work alone, but provide help when it is needed.

Teach your child how to tackle a challenge
Teach your child to recognize which questions are hard and which are easy. Have him or her do the hard ones first and save the easy ones for later.

Homework is not given to children for nothing. It helps develop certain skills, and presents an opportunity for you to be involved and to determine how much progress your child is making in school. It gives you time to bond, too.

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Frank Biden is an advocate for alternative methods of education that focus on learning. This Facebook page offers more updates on the education sector.

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  1. Good stuff! Mom also taught me some of the techniques mentioned here.